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Holy Matrimony - MP3

Holy Matrimony - MP3

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- The difference between holy and unholy matrimony
- How to be a priest and king of our God
- How to receive God's restoration
- How to speak words of life

In this 2-part series, you'll hear separately the husband and wife perspective from Mylon and Christi.

"Whenever the word Holy is mentioned, God has to be involved. Holy matrimony can only be achieved when God's Word is the final word in your marriage. Husbands are anointed to lead their families as priests and kings of our God. Men love to be kings, but first we must understand our priestly duties." - Mylon

"My husband is my perfect gift chosen by God to help me to be like Jesus. Wives are instructed in the Word to honor their husbands with loving words and a gracious attitude. Because God has proven His Word to Mylon and me, we have deep love in our marriage, peace in our home, and joy in our hearts!" - Christi

This 2-part series contains 2 MP3 downloads (Part 1 and Part 2).
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