The Gracious Woman


What if I told you that God has set up a system where His daughters find their voice and excel in positions of leadership?

In The Gracious Woman you will discover that God has given women a detailed manual designed to increase their realm of influence and make an eternal impact with their lives. When these essential instructions are applied, the result is fulfillment, uncommon favor, and extreme blessing. 


"In Christi's book she outlines, based on scripture, exactly how to be a gracious woman in this modern world we are living in. I encourage all women to read and study The Gracious Woman." ~ Gloria Copeland  Kenneth Copeland Ministries, New York Times Best Selling Author


"Time invested in reading this book will yield a lifetime of God's manifested grace." ~ Terri Copeland Pearsons Senior Pastor, Eagle Mountain International Church


"Christi’s words will 'stick' in your mind, sink into your heart and help transform you to that gracious woman you were created to be." ~ Trina Hankins Mark Hankins Ministries, Author, God's Healing Word


"You will say in your heart, "This makes so much sense. God, please help me change to exhibit more of Your gracious character!" ~ Denise Renner Cofounder, Moscow Good News Church, Author, Who Stole Cinderella? 


Christi Le Fevre is a wife, minister, speaker and author who travels with her husband, Mylon; teaching, encouraging and building up the body of Christ. She co-hosts their global television show, On the Road to Freedom, which is filmed on location all over the world. 

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