VISION 2021 💫


Dear Partner,

At the beginning of this new year, we want to declare to you the faithfulness of our God! It is obvious that Jesus is coming soon and therefore, we are living in a time that is unprecedented. For example, in our lifetime we have never seen a plague literally shut down every nation in the world. It’s been 60 years since we have experienced such violent civil unrest and rioting on a national level that destroyed entire communities. And now for the first time in history, we pray and stand for a just outcome for this presidential election so that every legal vote may count.

On a personal note, last month, we both tested positive for COVID, so we were quarantined in our home for the holidays and could not see any family or friends. It was not what we were expecting but we are happy to report that Jesus is our Healer! All this to say that through it all, we have seen the faithfulness of God proven over and over again.

*In the midst of the enemy trying to shut down the church, we ministered to more people in 2020 than ever before. The testimonies of those whose lives were changed, delivered and set free by The Truth of God’s Word DOUBLED this year. We were more fruitful for the kingdom in every way and we give God all the Glory!!

*The vision God gave us for On the Road to Freedom is to film on location utilizing all the new editing techniques and styles, so that we may reach beyond the walls of the church. This means that our show has higher production costs than shows filmed on a set. Kenneth Copeland Ministries has generously allowed us to borrow their cameras and equipment these past 3 years. But we have been believing God for supernatural increase beyond the production costs which would enable us to purchase our own equipment. We are thrilled to share with you that while we were ministering from home this year, the new cameras we were waiting on were finally released and God provided through Team Mylon the abundance to purchase $26,000 of our goal. We are $20,000 away from owning ALL of our own TV equipment. Glory to God!

*Through the generosity of our Team Mylon members, we were also able to finally renovate our 19 year old ministry office building and complete repairs that we had been advised to do for several years. Now our office and staff are ready for the future! One goal in 2021 is to update our computer system that we may better serve you.

*We have had the honor and privilege of airing on the Daystar network for the past 18 months but our contract expired at the end of 2020. We have steadily increased our viewing audience around the world each year and we are finally starting to break even. But in order to remain debt free, we were not yet able to commit to the hundreds of thousands of dollars required for 2021 air time.

Our commitment to you all along has been to spend as much time as possible teaching God’s Word NOT raising funds. Even though one is necessary to accomplish the other. In order for you to be a cheerful giver, giving has to be your idea; between you and The Father. Then when your giving is truly led by the Holy Spirit, we will have the power of agreement to believe God with you for SUPERNATURAL INCREASE. We continue to stand in faith that God will make a way for us to be back on Daystar in the near future.

For those of you who watched us on Daystar, please tune in to the VICTORY Channel on DirecTV 366 and on Dish 265. The VICTORY Channel can also be accessed through ROKU, AppleTV or Amazon Fire. Or watch On the Road to Freedom anytime On Demand at or on our YouTube Channel. We are so grateful to Brother Copeland for the free airtime on the VICTORY Channel. We encourage you to support KCM in this endeavor with your prayers and finances.

Just like you, there were things the enemy tried to steal from us last year: health, finances, relationships, peace, joy and dreams. Because we are instructed in Isaiah 42:22 to SAY RESTORE, we are declaring over our lives and yours total RESTORATION in 2021 of ANY and EVERY thing the enemy tried to steal in 2020. Our father in the faith, Kenneth Copeland, prophesied that 2021 will be a year of: 

~ Divine Healing ~ Divine Health ~ Divine Prosperity ~ Divine Recovery ~

Divine means: “Proceeding from God, heavenly; excellent in the highest degree; extraordinary; apparently above what is human.” Wow! This so encouraged us. We’ll take it, how about you?

As you sow your seed this month, we want to give you an opportunity to agree with us for the completion of our TV equipment and gear PAID FOR! Or maybe you would like to be a part of us returning to Daystar? Whatever the Lord instructs you to do, Thank you! Please declare with us over your seed: “I believe that 2021 will be a year of heavenly health, extraordinary prosperity and excellent recovery!”

We love you and wish you a happy, healthy and prosperous new year,

Mylon and Christi

P.S. Thank you again for your love and support to tell the world how much Jesus loves them. We have some exciting news that we will share with you next month about a NEW door God has opened for us to share His love with the world. It is MIRACULOUS!!