June Love E-Letter

                                    June 2017




“This is the Lords doing and it is marvelous in our eyes!” Psalm 118:23


It was such a dream come true to begin filming our first TV show, “On the Road to Freedom” last month. After filming several broadcasts on our testimony, we were reminded again of how faithful the Lord has been to us all these years and the lives we have had the honor of ministering to. We thought it would be a blessing to you too! Here are a few testimonies from Church on the Run Viewers: 


Today’s teaching is just what I needed. I’m holding on to Jesus and He is holding me tightly. Praise God!” Sandy, Internet


“I look forward to seeing this every day!Kenny, Internet


“Thank you for your honest, encouragement and coolness too in keeping it real. I will share this.” Brian, Internet 


“As usual, exactly the right Word, exactly when I need it. Thanks!” Holly, Internet


“This message is so comforting and so needed! It’s a blessing to me how real and so down to earth you both are in spreading God’s word and encouragement around the world! Love you both!” Norma, Internet  


Perfect Timing, I needed that right now.” Tim, Internet


If you haven’t already, check out CHURCH ON THE RUN at www.mylon.org. We believe it will be “the right word at the right moment” (Prov. 15:23) Here’s a few more powerful testimonies of how Mylon and Broken Heart impacted lives for the Kingdom:


I got born again at a Mylon and Broken Heart concert. His music not only changed my life, it drew me into a deeper relationship with the Lord. Today, I am a minister for the Lord, still on fire for Christ.” Dr. Kyle, Internet


“I gave my life to Christ at a Mylon & Broken Heart concert. The presence of God was tangible at that concert and I remember looking across a crowd of over 10 thousand people and seeing their hands raised toward heaven, then hearing God call me to him.” Terry, AL


“In 1987, When Mylon and the band came onstage I was blown away. Then he preached and said things I had never heard a preacher say. And for the first time, I believed. At the altar call, I was the first person to get to the stage. With my wife of 15 years we are still loving God with all we are and all we have!” Ken, CO


“I was a sheltered preacher’s kid and thought you could never be cool and actually be a Christian. Mylon taught me that I could be myself, long hair and all, and still love Jesus. I was not a rebellious kid, I just thought that you had to look a certain way to be a Christian. Then when I went to Mylon’s concerts I could feel the love of a living God. I wanted to know Jesus. So I asked Him into my heart at Mylon’s concert in Florida in 1988. My life has never been the same.” Ray, AL


“I’ve followed your ministry since the Broken Heart days. I used to get frustrated when you’d stop to bring the Word in the middle of a concert. I see now that it was the most important part of the program! DW, Internet


            Wow! Every time I read these, I tear up at the goodness of God. It is truly a privilege to serve the Lord and do His Will. Nothing satisfies like being in the perfect will of God! We pray these testimonies were a great encouragement and reminder to you that your agreement with us is making a difference. As you sow your precious seed this month, please know that we are extremely grateful for all you give to help us share the Love of God around the world! Together we will take a bunch of people to heaven with us!


We sure do love you!

Mylon & Christi




P.S. Thank you again for being TEAM MYLON members. If you would like your giving to go towards TV please designate “On the Road to Freedom” online or on your check. We count it a privilege to call you friends and partners. Please don’t forget we are here for you! Please send us your prayer requests and we’d love to hear your praise reports too! Just go to Contact Us on our site to share.